Heating and ventilation of the production facility is often the largest and most significant energy user on commercial facilities.  HVAC systems are often required to tightly control humidity, temperature, particulates and flow rates.  Electricity is not only consumed by the Air Handling Unit (AHU) fans but also by the associated chiller units and pumps.  Gas is used to raise steam or heat water which in turn is used in the AHU frost and reheat coils.  


Air conditioning on an industrial scale is very energy intensive - a typical conditioned production facility can suffer a 30% increase in normal power usage through July and August - therefore the basic rule is simple, if you do not need to air condition an area don’t do it!


How can Enerjon help you?

The good news is that HVAC systems, settings and options that significantly save energy are numerous and relatively inexpensive to implement.


Enerjon has demonstrated significant savings by performing the following work on and changes to AHU systems:


  • Review the current site air handling design specifications and any relevant site air handling procedures.  Identify areas of room conditioning in excess of recognised industry standard and legislation.
  • Review the current air use in each area, compare with the actual require air conditioning by area.  Calculate the approximate savings achievable by minimising the conditioned air use by area.  Agree the changes, if any, to procedures and area air conditions.
  • Implement the changes and measure the actual savings.
  • Increase the chiller liquid temperature - don’t over cool.
  • Use BMS, time switches or local area controls to switch off the units when not required.
  • Install inverters to control fans and pumps.
  • Identify and assist implementation of all heat recovery options.
  • Measure and review flows of air and water, re balance where required.
  • Set up regular improvement groups to discuss current and future changes, display the information and improve site awareness for energy reduction.

HVAC Systems