Production sites use an enormous amount of energy, the recent increases in energy prices has in turn significantly increased the operating cost of many sites.  With the increase in operating costs, sites are now investigating energy reduction  seriously and with some urgency.


It is a basic fact that all production sites waste huge quantities of energy unnecessarily, typically over 50% of all energy purchased is wasted without adding any value to the product.  Imagine 50% of your current combined energy bill being piled up and burnt before your eyes - in reality that is what your company is doing every year!  


The worst energy offenders include Boiler systems, Compressed air systems and HVAC systems.


How can Enerjon help you?

At Enerjon we are passionate about energy reduction and have over twenty years engineering experience to draw on, including site energy reductions, equipment improvements and process condition requirement reviews.  Enerjon has a network of skilled specialist contractors that are used in key areas.  With our experience we will dig past the superficial gains and root out the  serious energy waste on any site, the following service is offered:


  • Establish site energy measures.
  • Site energy audit / review - this will identify the current main energy users on site and it will also identify the quick cheap “wins” to reduce energy use.
  • Develop an action plan detailing the free, mid cost and high cost energy reduction projects highlighting the projected impact on energy use.
  • Assist the site and implement the strategy where required.
  • Assist the site in monitoring the site energy use and importantly displaying and communicating to staff the ongoing energy reduction improvements.


The good news is that energy reduction is not a difficult process and with a focused campaign typical energy consumption savings of 20% to 30% are within most organisations reach.